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21st-century Business Ideas

Between the rising unemployment rate now and the looming threat of automation in many industries in the not-so-distant future, starting your own business can be a great idea. In fact, because of recent developments in communication and information technology, launching and running a small business has become drastically easier. Also, these innovations have created whole new companies that didn’t exist just 10-15 years ago.

So if you’re looking for a viable business idea, here are a few of the 21st-century ones you can choose from:

Web Developer

The Internet is one of the most critical technologies of the digital age. Because of it, people now have access to worlds of information from all around the world. Being at the center of this technology is a good idea.

Starting your own web development company is significant because the Internet is showing no signs of going away soon. This means you’re going to be designing and building websites for a long time.

The same is true for software and app development as well. Any of these three businesses will guarantee a lot of work for years to come.

Here’s Career Foundry talking about becoming a web developer.

Digital Content Creator

People turn to the Internet for anything and everything these days: entertainment, the latest news, and more. But aside from those building websites and applications, the Internet would be empty without content creators.

This is especially applicable if you have expertise. Woodworks? Music? Gaming? Business? Quantum Physics? You can create content about any subject, and as long as it’s high quality, offers real value, and a touch entertaining, you’ll gain a following.

You can also use different media for your work. Blogs, photos, videos, and animations are all fair play in content creation.

Here’s Hubspot for some helpful tips for content creators.

Social Media Influencer

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A tad like being a content creator, social media influencers are also concerned with the quality and value of what they post. This enables them to build a loyal following and eventually make their case for brand sponsorships. The most important aspect of this business is knowing how to best engage with your audience. This takes a lot of research, hard work, and authenticity.

You can also start a social media management business, catering to other individuals or organizations if you’re not the type to lead a more public life.


Technology is far from the only thing that has brought change to business. The new level of social awareness present in the world now has created a merging between business and advocacy. Socialpreneurs, like other businesses, sell products or services. The main difference is that the former usually has a social advocacy in the center of the business model.

TOMS, for example, gives a child in need a pair of shoes every time someone buys a pair from them. According to Children International, they’ve distributed around 3.5 million pairs to children around the world.

Aside from the joy of helping others, the modern consumer also wants to know they are supporting socially good brands. This could be you.

Coworking Space Host

If you have space you can share with other modern-day professionals, you have a business in the making. Secure a place, learn the basics of how to start a coworking space, and that’s about it. It’s an excellent use of space, and you’ll be helping freelancers and startup businesses run and grow their operations.

With all these 21st-century business ideas, hopefully, you can choose and start the best one for you.

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