How Has The Demand For The Packaging Industry Changed During The Pandemic?

Since a lot of individuals are stuck at home because of the current public health emergency, most families have to rely on deliveries and orders for food and other miscellaneous deliveries. Still, most members of the family, such as the mother and father (or any authoritative figure), can still go out for essential items, especially for personal hygiene, food with long shelf lives, and other important products.

But even though precautionary measures and regulations are being followed, the risk of getting infected from COVID-19 will still be there and how the Coronavirus spreads is still shrouded in mystery

Based on recent studies done by medical experts, COVID-19 is known for staying on surfaces for a long time, sometimes reaching weeks to months if it’s not subjected to UV light or sanitizing agents. Further studies have shown that most cases are attributed to the lack of proper air circulation systems in establishments. But whether COVID-19 does cause infections through touching surfaces or the airways, most businesses and establishments will still need to take a great deal of care in ensuring preparing their product’s packaging.

The Packaging Industry and The New Normal

The packaging and delivery industry has been a multi-billion dollar industry that’s known for transporting products around the world, wherever the destination might be. Based on studies that are conducted on the industry, most packaging companies have to go through at least three phases of changes. These changes can either have negative or positive results in the industry.

Here’s what these phases mean:

  • Phase one – The first phase is known as a “period of shock,” and that lasts during the first four weeks of the pandemic towards an extended period of time, depending on how well the companies can adapt to the current situation. Still, customers’ sentiments will be changing most of the time, which can translate toward a cut back in different types of deliveries and packaging. The shock in demand for the packaging industry seems to have a less drastic impact on industries like travel and tourism but does have a substantial impact on food delivery services, transportation packaging, and the healthcare industry.
  • Phase two – The second phase will cover the period where most countries and regions will now have the public health crisis under control. Although, much would say that this will vary for each location and how well the country is dealing with the pandemic. The length and the period of time for this phase are quite uncertain. Some experts claim this will last for at least a year and will reduce household income. The pandemic will also significantly reduce the overall corporate budget as demand plummets for end-use segments for packaging. Still, this doesn’t necessarily affect much of the healthcare and food industry.
  • Phase three – Lastly, the third phase is about “bouncing back” in the business. Usually, this will happen close to the end of the pandemic, and most companies will see a gradual and steady return of demand in the business. Some sectors, such the foodservice, and delivery will experience a rapid rebound and a good amount of demand. The recovery process of some industries might be slower than usual, as there will be consumers that are more hesitant to return to traveling, tourism, and buying luxurious products until everything is in order. Although confidence is gradually increasing against the virus, especially that a vaccine is deemed to be released next week.

Much of the changes have been happening during the first phase, so we’ll be discussing the drastic changes that are done during the first phase and how it has affected the packaging industry and other industries related to it.

Transportation Packaging

package delivery

The transportation and packaging industry is often linked to the amount of industrial activity in the area. Naturally, when there are more goods than being shipped, the demand for transportation also goes up. However, COVID-19 has caused a sharp decline in activity and has reduced much of the demand for packaging. Still, it’s known that there is a high growth in demand for corrugated boxes as packaging since the E-commerce industry has been doing well for itself in serving customers remotely.

Food Delivery

When it comes to the food industry, the demand for food will depend on the current status of the location that has been hit by the pandemic. Areas that are hit the hardest will have a drastic shift in demand.

When it comes to packaging for your business, you might want to consider having professionals handle your materials and commodities with expert care and supervision. Fortunately, with the help of Elakeside, you won’t have any problem with getting your commodities to your customers and clients. Whether it’s food service, material handling, or OEM, this business is versatile in a variety of different industries and scenarios.

Healthcare Packaging

Lastly, the healthcare industry will also need a steady stream of resources and supplies, especially when front liners are currently combatting the rise of cases. If this is the case, demand will continue rising, even during the height of the pandemic. There will be a rise in packages for medication, supplements, vitamins, and other essential supplies in the same manner.


Based on different studies, the pandemic has taken a toll on the demand for packaging in a variety of different industries. Although some industries have been drastically affected more than others, there are industries that are rapidly bouncing back from the pandemic, especially when demand is projected to rise in the coming months.

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