Marketing Biz: Talking to and Engaging Your Customers

Marketing is an aspect of your business that relies heavily on results. And the results are usually reflected on your sales, number of likes on your social media pages, and even the kind comments you get from your customers. You may be too obsessed with these figures that you have overlooked the importance of making a real connection with your customers. You need to invest time and effort in building a strong relationship with your clients. Only then will you be able to secure your loyalty. The way you treat them will also inspire them to encourage their friends to try your business. Some business people make the mistake that customer transactions end once you have sold the product.

However, that is not the case. The relationship continues. The customer may come back. They will buy another product or service. And that is a sign that they are starting to build a relationship with your brand, an opportunity that you do not want to waste. The first thing you need to do when building your rapport is by talking and to them and engaging them. Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind:

Use multiple platforms

In the world where various media platforms are present, you must be present across these venues. This is where the principle of integrated marketing communications campaign comes in. Do not just stick to your website; you may complement it with social media pages and banner ads so that you will be able to create an ecosystem. That way, your customer’s journey will be much easier. You can seek the help of a reliable manufacturing marketing agency.

You have to make sure that the message you are saying is consistent—that it is the same regardless of the media. When you are doing inbound marketing using multiple media, you have to invest in the quality of content; it should be something that your customers will find entertaining and more importantly, useful.

Try building a forum

social media

While you may already have social media pages, such as Facebook and YouTube, where customers can talk to each other, a more specialized platform may facilitate more productive conversations. As such, you may want to create a special forum page on your website. This is where your customers can share their views on your product launches and consult one another regarding product usage. You may have a couple of product experts and community managers that will manage the conversations.

Repay their loyalty

Over the years, you will have a lot of loyal followers. They have helped you build your business. And it only makes sense that you give them some reward. You may start a membership club where you will reward loyal customers with freebies and exclusive discounts. That will mean a lot to them.

Marketing is not just about selling items and ensuring that your customers will come back for more. In a more pragmatic sense, it also offers you an opportunity to talk to your clients and build a relationship with them. It allows you to make them trust your brand, which is a good thing in the world of business.

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