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Pointers to Managing a Motivated Staff

Some people believe good managers are born. Others disagree and think management is a skill like any other, something that can be acquired. Even though leaders have innate capabilities, motivating your staff is a matter of consistently doing the right thing.

With that in mind, let us look at three key pointers to motivate your employees.

Recognition and Appreciation

Everyone likes rewards. Whether you are a child or an adult, recognition is perhaps the most important factor to consider when it comes to motivation. Sure, people perform for self-acknowledgment and pride. They want to do great, so they can feel better about themselves and what they stand for. Still, human beings also crave appreciation, that special feeling of having somebody else tell them “good job” or “well done.”

From a business perspective, recognition is often linked with money or benefits. Yet, these are not the only two things it encompasses. Of course, nobody will say no to more money or a few extra days off. But offering these types of things constantly is both unnecessary and unrealistic. A company can not afford to give more money to people every time they do something right. If it does, the result will often be bankruptcy.

Aside from money, there are other ways to recognize the work done by your staff. A simple note or certificate once in a while goes a long way. A plaque or Regency Mint custom medallion is not only a sign of appreciation but also a long-term keepsake that reminds employees that the organization cares about them.

Empowerment and Building Leaders

If you ask 100 people whether they would rather be bosses or regular employees, at least 95 of them will choose the former. The reasons are plenty. First, a boss gets to make important decisions within an organization. Second, people at the management level value the respect that comes with the position. Others look up to them and aspire to be like them. Finally, being a boss entails having more responsibility. As a result, it makes people feel they are worthy and special.

But how can one create leaders within an enterprise? In a small firm, how can there be more than a few people in a management role? Answers to these and other questions are not easy. Not everyone can indeed be a manager or department head. Even so, leadership is not only about the position in which you are in. It’s also about the ability to make decisions and creating real change.

For example, a person can be in charge of a team for a specific period, be it one or a few months. During this time, his performance will be evaluated by those in higher positions as well as staff. If the result is positive, and he has shown the necessary capabilities, the duration of his stint as a leader can be extended. If not, the opportunity can be given to someone else.

Where You Work Matters

The Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon, has a putting green, a running trail, a tennis court, and two soccer fields. Employees working at the Googleplex in Santa Clara, California, can enjoy a volleyball game at one of the campus’ courts. They can also go for a swim, try a wide variety of dishes in one of the 18 in-house cafeterias, and even do their laundry. The “Space Ship” at Apple Park in Cupertino includes a wellness center for employees to relax and relieve the stresses of the daily grind.

There must be a reason why these three companies are some of the most popular in the world among employees. Apart from having a globally-recognized brand name and the reputation to follow, they value their staff’s well-being while at the workplace. They understand the importance of your surroundings as it pertains to performance and efficiency.

As a starting entrepreneur or small business owner, building a gigantic campus filled with amenities is impossible. Your entire office might not even be the size of one of the several pubs found at Microsoft. But that doesn’t mean you cannot make do with what you have. A lack of space is not an excuse not to maximize it for the benefit of your workforce.

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For instance, you could add a few plants here and there to create a more “natural feeling.” You could also have a fridge stocked with bottled water for employees to access freely. A small game room with a few board games and a comfortable couch will often more than suffice.

Managing people is one of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs and company bosses will ever face. Nevertheless, if you set up a fair reward system, empower employees, so they can become leaders, and do the best you can to provide a suitable workplace, it will greatly benefit you and everyone involved in your organization.

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