Things You Can DIY from Your Rose Garden

Before you stop and smell the roses, you should plant them first.

There is the on-going misconception about tending a rose garden. Contrary to popular belief, the difficulty of growing roses is no different from other flowering shrubs. According to Christian Bedard, the research director of America’s premier rose grower, modern roses can grow in a wide range of conditions. Unlike before, roses are tougher but just as beautiful.

The queens of the modern garden only need a space with a good drainage system and a good dose of sunlight. Of course, the beginning of the planting process is a crucial part of its ability to grow. Choosing the right soil and fertilizers based on the type of rose you’ll grow will affect its life’s longevity. It’s better to inquire from a garden center on which sod supply in Salt Lake City is the best match for the garden you are planning for.

Despite the care and attention that a rose garden requires, it remains to be the classic staple to any garden. Other than the beauty it brings to any location, history and the current beauty trends are both proofs that a rose has many uses—uses which you can formulate at home.

Once you’ve grown the rose garden of your dreams, here are ways of making the most out of it.

  1. Rose Water Toner

Rosewater has been in existence since medieval times. Recently, it has found its way back to every woman’s vanity table. It matches well with every skin type, but most importantly, it has an anti-inflammatory property, which can help reduce redness and acne.

Rosewater is used in many types of skincare, but lately, people have been enjoying it as a toner and facial spray. Some like putting it in a fridge, so they can spray themselves with it after a hot day. To make one, all you need are fresh rose petals and filtered water.

  1. Rose Petal Ice Cubes

If you only see it on Pinterest and think it’s only good in photos, think again. You can use your rose petal ice cubes when serving your sweetened iced tea or favorite cocktail.

You can make it by filling your ice cube tray with ¾ water. Freeze it right after. Add one fresh rose petal- could be in different colors- over the cube, then fill the rest of the tray with water.

  1. Rose Petal Soothing Salve

Rose essence is incredibly moisturizing without the sticky feeling, making it an effective ingredient for a salve. The good thing about a rose salve is that you can finally have a use for your dried rose petals. From castor oil to almond oil, your preferred type of oil will be infused with dried roses and thickened by beeswax.

Depending on your choice of base oil, there’s more use to a soothing salve than being an after-sun care or winter moisturizer. It can be a lip balm, hair tamer, and brow pomade.

  1. Rose Flavored Kombucha

Kombucha is a flavored tea that has been consumed for many years. Every bottle carries the benefits of tea and probiotics. As a source of antioxidant, it is said to help fight bacteria that might lead to diseases. You’ll only need a gallon of kombucha, dried rosehip, and dried edible rose—these and a glass jar.

Allow your garden to be functional without losing its beauty. Then, you can truly stop and smell the roses.

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