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Traditional Marketing is Still Effective: Find Out Why


In the age of high-powered handheld technology, it’s not often that we see traditional marketing methods anymore. Digital marketing has largely replaced conventional forms of marketing, as it’s not only cheaper but a lot more accessible even for smaller businesses. It’s comparatively easier to create an online post and then upload it, than something like creating a poster campaign to be put on public walls all over the city. The logistical requirements are far fewer, making it more appealing to all kinds of businesses.

Despite the flaw of perceived difficulty, traditional marketing still works- and it still works significantly. It’s still capable of many things that digital marketing isn’t able to do. Let’s take a look at those factors.

Reach a Huge Audience

While digital marketing may boast millions of potential audiences, traditional marketing still has a considerably wide reach. It’s not just “pamphlets and billboards”, traditional marketing is an umbrella term for many types of marketing that’s been conventionally used in place of digital ads. These methods have been known to be effective for years, and they still are large because there’s still an audience that engages in their platform. Traditional media such as newspapers, billboards, TV, and even radio still get the attention of a lot of people, making them useful for businesses looking to get their eyes on their products.

For Customers On The Go

Billboards, flyers, brochures, and other methods of traditional marketing display its information are designed to appeal to people who are always moving and traveling. You don’t need the internet to see what’s being advertised, as it’s directly in front of you. The fact that it’s a live advertisement means it’s more likely to have an actual pull with people. Window graphics, eye-catching posters with big and bold letters catch the attention of people moving outside, which is perfect for businesses that offer on-the-go services or products.

Vacation rental businesses, restaurants, and cafes often have large logos that “shout” their service- after all, when customers need rest or food, they will be more receptive to ad materials that communicate these things.

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Being Able to Personalize Your Pitch

Many marketers are concerned about how they can personalize their pitch to their potential customers. With traditional marketing, since it also utilizes face-to-face interactions with sales agents, you can easily adjust your pitch depending on your customers. Through conferences, product launches, or trade shows, sales, and marketing agents can directly talk to the consumer and angle the product to each individual’s needs. This is something that digital marketing has yet to perfect: the ability to change and adapt when the customer provides a different use case scenario.

Longer Lasting Impact

While good digital marketing requires constant and consistent updates, traditional ones like billboards and TV commercials can last longer and are therefore more sustainable. This leaves your marketing department free of the stress of coming up with new ideas to market- especially when there’s very little incentive to do so. Online social media platforms tend to favor constant posting, keeping your brand in the audience’s eyes but it often comes at the cost of sustainability.

While making the effort of keeping a consistent content production schedule is good, traditional marketing is free from this problem. And because many things have moved online, receiving a business card, brochure, or flyer has now become an interesting experience of sorts. People are more likely to look through it, generating potential customers’ initial interest.

Effective Local Reach

Your most likely customers are the ones in the immediate areas- after all, they’re the ones who can drop by your store and make purchases. Even if you’re an online seller, having an effective local reach will make things considerably easier for you. This is where traditional marketing shines the most, as its physical nature lends itself to getting the attention of the people around it.

Posters, pamphlets, and other traditional methods call on people to immediately take advantage of offers and discounts and because the proximity of your shop is near, the chances of them redeeming the offer are higher.

At the end of the day, the best way to put your name out there is to quite literally, put your name out there. Preferably in a place that’s frequented by a lot of people, as those people will have needs that your business might be able to fulfill. We’re not saying to eschew digital marketing entirely, but simply relying on it to bring more people into your business won’t be enough. And that’s where traditional marketing can help you- bringing those who don’t the internet as often into your business.

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