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Try These Tricks to Get the Right Manpower for Your Business

According to a survey conducted in 2016 by Glassdoor, some 90 percent of job seekers believe how important it is to work for a company where transparency is embraced. Glassdoor also revealed that, on average, a single corporate job posting attracts around 250 candidates, with four out of six getting an interview, and one candidate eventually getting hired.

However, impressive as the 250 resumes for one job may sound, data also show that there is a looming talent shortage in the U.S., with some 69 percent of employers reporting difficulty in getting people to fill up open positions. This is quite alarming since that percentage also happens to fall under a historic level, with the added possibility of 85 million talent shortages globally by 2030.

With these pieces of information, your job as a recruiter becomes twice as hard. Suppose that you have just one available position with 300 candidates lined up and awaiting an initial interview, how do you narrow down the field or at least lay down the foundations to find the perfect candidate?

Here are five tricks on how you can get the right manpower for your company:

1. Establish a recruitment website.

When it comes to casting your net wide to reach as many potential talents as possible, nothing beats harnessing the power of the internet. As such, be sure to exert every possible effort to make your job openings visible on the web. One great way to do this is by hiring a company that specializes in job portal website development to create a dedicated recruitment website for your company.

With this tool in place, you’ll have a hub where applicants can send in their resumes and where you can post details about every open position in your company. It will make your job as a recruiter twice as easy as when doing things the old way (like posting a job ad in a local newspaper).

2. Craft a detailed job description that includes deliverables and skills required.

A lot of employers and recruiters often overlook and underestimate the importance of a well-crafted job description. If you want to attract the best talents to apply for the open jobs that you have, you should make an effort to clearly define the deliverables, required skills and credentials, and perks or benefits of employees. This way, all applicants can easily gauge their qualifications vis-à-vis your job description and determine whether they fit the position or not.

3. Form a great recruitment team.

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A critical component of making successful recruitment is an excellent recruitment team. This should include not just the HR Manager, but also key supervisors, team leads, and you. The recruitment team will handle everything from crafting the job descriptions and fleshing out the hiring methods, to making phone calls to short-listed candidates, doing interviews, and deliberating on the eventual hires.

4. Identify a recruitment strategy.

Once you have come up with a compelling job description and formed your recruitment team, you should then flesh out what your hiring process and methods would be. You’ll have to sit down with members of the recruitment team to plan how the entire recruitment process would flow, which team member makes the phone calls and sets up interview schedules, what questions to ask the candidates, and the like. Without a strategy in place, you run the risk of hiring the wrong person or running around in circles not knowing how to proceed to the next step.

5. Background check and pick candidates for short-listing.

Another key trick to hiring the perfect candidate is to validate their credentials and do background checks (references, past employments, criminal record, and the like). Once you have done this, you should then make a shortlist of candidates whom you think would best fit your open positions based on your initial assessment. This will streamline your process and make sure that only candidates with the best qualifications get to be interviewed.

Just follow these tricks and you’ll be on your way to getting the right people for the jobs you have.

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