Ways to Expand Your Landscaping Clientele

Running a landscaping business can go smooth sailing when you have a lot of active clients. Each one can be considered as a regular source of income. Gardens and lawns need maintenance several times a year, and that is cash in your pocket for every project. Multiply that with the number of your customers, and you can easily fill out your year with work.

There is always that chance that a client cuts their ties with you. It could be because they have made some major renovation on their property that has affected their home layout. They can decide to do without a backyard, which means that they do not have use for additional sod supply for landscaping anymore. Another reason is they could have just left and relocated to another city or state. You have to find a replacement by looking for leads, and this is also how you expand your clientele. Here are some techniques you can employ for broadening your market reach.

Quality Reputation

One of the best ways to spread your reputation is by word of mouth. This would not be possible if you do not provide quality work. Make sure that in every job that you take on, you and your team should give at least 100% effort. Go the extra mile by catering to your customer’s special requests, but only if feasible. When closing out the task, make sure that you check everything before you leave the premises.

Always engage your client in meaningful conversations, and show them how amiable and approachable you all are. If they feel that their experience working with you is a pleasant one, their words will take you to new heights for those who will have weight and credibility when relayed to their friends and families. Vouching for you is not just about showering you with praises, it is also them putting their reputation on the line.

Find a Collaborator

Sometimes, it can be hard to find some clients by yourself. What you can do in this instance is reach out to friends and colleagues in the same field. They could provide you valuable leads that could be your potential customers. For example, you can contact the people who you got your gardening equipment from.

They could have a list of those who have purchased rakes, lawnmowers, and other hardware from them that they deem could use a helping hand in landscaping. You can come up with a deal that will have you share profits once you have closed a job contract. It will be a win for everyone involved.

Seek Referrals

Another way for you to get more leads is by formulating a referral program. You can have your existing clients or suppliers involved here. Basically, you will be making them as your own sales representatives, although the role is just auxiliary. Proactively ask them to refer you people or businesses they know that could use your expertise in landscaping. Every time you get a successful referral, the person or entity who provided that to you will receive compensation.

Establish an Online Presence

Online shop concept

Going online will give you a two-way path to earning your leads. Social media could lead you to groups that have a common interest in landscaping or gardening, both as a business and being a customer. You can join these and maybe you can learn a thing or two about running your organization. This would also be a mix of people who are directly and indirectly competing with you in the service space. The latter will most likely be a good source of leads for you, but it is also possible that your competitors can provide you with those too especially if they operate in a different state.

For the other group that consists of customers, it is good for you to join them too. But for the sake of transparency, let them know right away that you are a business that is targeting them as clients. That way you are setting the proper expectation of what kind of content you will be posting and at the same time, their reactions will let you know if they are fine with that or not.

Just like any other business, you have to get out there and find more clients. There are always people who will need landscaping business, so you better make your move and let them know of your availability. The more customers you get, the more steady your income will be. This can only benefit your company and its employees, and it will provide you a bright future where growth awaits.

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