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Being a Business Executive: The Good and the Bad

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of what it’s like to become a business executive. Some people may find the position highly rewarding, while others may find it less than desirable. However, some commonalities among executives can give a general idea of what the job entails.

The Pros

To begin with, some business executives may find the position rewarding because they get to do things that others won’t. Since CEOs are typically in charge of a company or organization’s daily operations, there is no telling what tasks they will be assigned to perform on any given day.

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Better Opportunities

Whether working on specific projects, meeting new contacts, or even serving as the public face of an organization, business executives have many opportunities to do things that others cannot.

A Luxurious Lifestyle

For example, they can ride and own private jets or custom coaches when they travel and will often stay in elaborate hotel suites. Their jobs also allow them to make from six figures to millions of dollars every year, and many even enjoy corporate perks such as bonuses and vacation time.

Flexible Work Hours

Furthermore, the hours are typically much more flexible than those of most professions, with executives sometimes working as little as four hours a day. Setting their own hours is a perk that many executives appreciate.

Access to VIP Products and Services

Finally, one of the most unanticipated benefits that many executives enjoy is access to VIP products and services. For example, since CEOs and other high-ranking officials tend to retain their positions for a long time, they often have the option of customizing their vehicles and homes with the best brands in terms of appliances and furnishings.

They also enjoy VIP treatment in most of the places or establishments they go to, such as wellness spas and top-notch restaurants that always have the best tables and service staff available.

As is apparent from this list, some business executives may find the perks and benefits of their jobs more rewarding than anything else. Although there are no limits to what a CEO or other executive can achieve, the list only pertains to those who perform at the highest levels.

The Cons

Of course, not everything about the job is perfect. Even if some executives find their jobs rewarding, others do not share the same sentiment. One of the biggest reasons business executives don’t always enjoy their positions is what is expected of them. Since they are at the helm of an organization, one small mistake could cost them everything.

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Pressure and Responsibilities

Some may feel unappreciated. Furthermore, business executives are typically in charge of making tough decisions that could affect companies and entire industries. They can also be held responsible for things that go wrong in their company or organization, even if they are not directly accountable. This means that their choices will often be met with either positive feedback or criticism, depending on how things turn out. If the outcome is unfavorable, then the executive may not be viewed favorably by others despite all of their hard work.

Public Scrutiny

In addition, business executives are often in the public eye, meaning that their appearance will constantly be scrutinized. For example, if someone is overweight or has some condition that makes their appearance unattractive, then the media may pick up on it and use it to attack them in an attempt to cause a scandal.

High Expectations

Of course, with great power comes great responsibility, and business executives often have to bear the brunt of higher expectations. In addition, they may have to work long hours or on weekends if deadlines are looming. Since being a CEO means overlooking daily operations, CEOs are expected to put in countless hours to ensure that things are going smoothly.

Additionally, CEOs are often the first point of contact for stakeholders and other individuals who need to communicate with the company, so they may also be expected to respond to inquiries at all hours of the day.

Poor Work-life Balance

As a result of the many demands and expectations that come with the job, it’s not uncommon for business executives to have a poor work-life balance. This can lead to stress, fatigue, and even burnout.

In some cases, business executives may also find it difficult to detach themselves from work, which can be detrimental to their personal lives. Because being a CEO means being involved in multiple areas of the company, business executives often find it difficult to relax when they are not working.

Since high-ranking officials at companies tend to have a lot on their plate, many of them struggle to find enough time for their loved ones. In fact, some have been known to go weeks or even months without spending any time with their family or friends.

On the other hand, some CEOs might enjoy having more time for personal activities, though it’s usually due to delegating tasks to subordinates. While this frees up their time, executives often find that doing so makes them feel less important and needed than before.

Sure, becoming a business executive often comes with the perks of power and influence. But there is a reason why so many people who become executives give up on their dreams shortly after they start. It takes courage and perseverance to become a good business executive.

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