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Why Custom Tote Bags Are Perfect for Promoting Your Business

A business owner should always think of new ways on how to bring in more customers and improve profitability. Especially for small-scale businesses, the challenge for promotional and marketing campaigns is more difficult. Some do not have the ability to fund their campaigns, while others can’t come up with fun, creative ways to do it.

A perfect example of an appealing promotional product is a custom tote bag. They are attention-catching and noticeable; they are excellent items to promote your brand. In fact, tons of brands from different industries use tote bags to get their message across. Not convince? Read on to find out why you should use tote bags to promote your brands.

1. You get to have walking ads

Tote bags are visually pleasing. They are eco-friendly, functional, and stylish. Plus, they can be used in almost any type of activity, which means people are likely to flash them wherever they go. You got walking ads right there and you are not paying for extra costs on that. In fact, marketing experts consider tote bags to be much more effective now than flyers or any promotional objects that can’t be used for different purposes. People use them when going to the mall, getting groceries, or visiting the gym. That means you get loads of exposure for your brand.

2. They are not expensive to produce

Think about all the money you need to shell out to make your digital ads appear a few times. Comparing that to the money you’ll spend to produce your brand tote bags, you can save huge bucks. Generally, you only need to invest in the manufacturing equipment and tools to produce the branded totes.

For instance, you can opt for a heat press method to customize your tote bags. There are tons of heat transfer vinyl types out there that you can choose from depending on the kind of textile or material you want to use for the totes. Or, you can just get the plain canvas totes from a supplier while you do the printing of the designs. If you’re on a tight budget, promotional tote bags are definitely for you.

3. There are numerous styles to use

Another amazing thing about using tote bags is that you have tons of cool and pretty styles to pick from. It’s best to choose the style that matches your marketing goals. For example, there’s the zippered tote bag that features a large compartment, which is ideal for business events. There are also totes designed for grocery shopping perfect as freebies and promoting an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags.

If you are looking for great gifts for the staff and clients, branded totes with exquisite design and premium quality are perfect. Most businesses print their company logo on these totes. As for advertising trade shows or events, canvas totes are typically used. These types are often made from recycled material and are simple but still durable.

4. They are eco-friendly

Speaking of totes made from recycled materials, it’s pretty obvious how your brand can make a change when it comes to cutting down on waste. Using an eco-friendly tote will not only promote your brand but also educate consumers about the importance of pursuing a sustainable and zero-waste lifestyle. The totes can be used in different ways several times too, which is great for replacing the use of plastic bags. Since most tote bags are made from natural fibers, they can be upcycled or easily composted. You’re helping both your business and the environment.

5. Modern customers will love you

In case you’re not aware, most modern consumers and shoppers nowadays, especially millennials, love brands that focus on green initiatives. They are always looking for green alternatives and how they can reduce their waste. Get their attention by using reusable tote bags as your green promotional product. Just make sure to invest in totes that are durable too to ensure customers can use them multiple times.

Apart from being recyclable, you can also attract more modern shoppers by providing highly versatile totes. Offer ones with features like padding and zippers. Most totes are collapsible too, which means they can be easily stored. The more functional and greener your totes are, the bigger chance you have of getting noticed by your target market.

Creating a lasting impression in an easy and affordable way is now possible with the use of tote bags. Both big and small businesses can boost brand awareness in a creative, stylish, and practical way. Not only you’re helping your brand grow, but you also get to help the customers in their daily errands and create an eco-friendly impact, too. It’s a win-win situation.

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