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Link Building Tips to Make Your Website Rank High on Google

Every website owner wants their page to garner a lot of traffic. You want people, especially your target audience, to find and visit your website. That’s why a lot of businesses are investing now in building their sites, hiring a web design and development agency to help optimize their pages to generate more traffic. But with the overwhelming number of websites and content, how can we make our sites visible? The key platform to help you achieve that is through search engines. Then again, these too have limitations.

Most users only open the sites that show up on the first page of Google when they search. That’s because those are the ones with the most credible content about the subject matter. Search engines make sure to put sites of the highest quality in the top ranks. Thus, you want your website to show up among the top results for visibility and credibility purposes.

Google’s Link Building Algorithm

Since it is considered as the most popular search engine at this time and age, we will be focusing on Google. Google uses algorithms and link-analysis methods. These help them determine which sites will rank high in their search results. Their goal is to get high-quality websites on the top of the list. They want to give their users the best and most reliable content. So, they follow and consider elements to help their domain determine these high-quality sites. One of those factors is link building. Links help the search engine analyze whether a website is legitimate or trustworthy. They do this by measuring the popularity and authority of the pages linking to these sites. If Google trusts the pages that link to your site, then it is likely that your website will be trusted as well. This works vice versa.

There are several link building factors you need to consider to pass Google’s algorithm. Once you ace that, you should see your site ranking high in search results. Here are the most important link building factors that will make Google trust you:

The number of pages linking to your site

Quantity is essential in this case. You want your site to acquire a lot of backlinks from other pages. This increases the probability of it ranking well in search. It was found that websites included in the top search results of Google have between 100-200 backlinks from other pages.

Anchor text that links directly to your site

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In pieces of content, we often notice underlined keywords highlighted in blue. These are called anchor text. When clicked, these words redirect the reader to another page. More often than not, this is the source where that certain information or idea was derived from.

Google makes use of anchor text to gain more insight into what the linked page is about. It also memorizes the linked keywords used by different pages that link to your site. Its algorithm utilizes these words to help your site rank higher. The more pages linking to your website using specific keywords, the more these words become tied to your site.

Let Google Do the Rest

There are plenty of factors to consider when using backlinks. Especially when your goal is to get your website among the top ranks in search results. Taking these two factors into consideration will be of great help to you.

Follow these tips to earn Google’s trust. Once you do, you just have to sit back and let Google do the rest. Your site will be appearing on the first page of search results in no time.

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