Promoting a Boring but Useful Product to Customers: A Marketer’s Guide

Some products are easier to promote than others. Apple, for instance, could produce aesthetically stunning iPhones that look awesome in the hands of mobile users.

Unfortunately, not all brands are like Apple. Majority of the companies in the world don’t produce or manufacture flashy gadgets. Despite this, the products made by these businesses help make the world go round. Take a toilet accessories company that manufactures toilet seats and bidets as an example. Although the products aren’t flashy, they’re highly beneficial for bathroom users.

If you need help injecting life into boring but useful consumer products, take note of these marketing suggestions:

Determine Your Product’s Buyer Persona

A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of an ideal customer based on research, available data, and some guesswork. It includes a wide range of details about your target customer, including the person’s demographics, job role, motivations, goals, pain points, and objections.

Coming up with a buyer persona lets you create well-written appealing content that gets customers to love the product.

Highlight the Benefits

Some brands fall into the trap of highlighting features and technical specifications of their products. Simply presenting these details is a surefire way to put your audience to sleep. Many don’t pay attention or care about the specs. They’re more interested in how your product could help them.

When promoting a boring product, bring the features to the background and put the benefits in the spotlight.

Tell a Compelling Story to Your Audience

Well-crafted stories are excellent at evoking the emotions of your target audience. When creating a story, make sure that it captures the attention of your audience and encourages them to take action.

Take water as an example. If your agency asks you to come up with content to promote a custom bottled water, you could write a story for that product. When you make a story, highlight how bottled water makes a practical giveaway at an outdoor wedding during summertime.

MarketingKeep Your Message Simple

Refrain from using buzzwords when promoting a product. Terms like holistic experience and cutting-edge technology don’t exactly explain what the brand does — and this could annoy customers. Rather than wow customers with a combination of highfalutin words and technical terms, just create content that’s simple and non-technical.

Use Visuals to Upgrade Your Content

(Visual) content is king, as it transforms an ordinary block of marketing text into a visually appealing graphic design. This type of content is ideal for showcasing the advantages of a boring-looking product. An example is creating an infographic highlighting the benefits of concrete cement. Using colorful images and text will entice your audience to read your content and possibly share it with other people.

Don’t fret if you have zero knowledge in graphic design or have no experience in creating an effective infographic. Online platforms, such as Canva, have customizable templates to help you breathe life to plain-looking content.

Not every product out on the market is going to be as interesting as Apple — and that’s perfectly fine. With a little creativity, hard work, and understanding of your target audience, you could infuse interest and meaning in a product that many consider as boring.

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