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Marketing Stunts That Will Wow Your Clients in No Time

Businesses are always looking for ways to engage their target audiences. Before, this is quite easy as long as you offer great quality products at a reasonable price. But since competition in the market continues to grow and consumers are becoming smarter and more demanding, this now becomes a tricky task. How can one win the hearts of today’s consumers, especially if you are still trying to establish a name for your brand?

The first impression is extremely important in business. This is why companies strive hard in creating a great impression for their brand. If this is currently one of your dilemmas, then you can consider the following marketing strategies to help you achieve your goal.

Offer different shipping options and advertise it hard


Consumers expect the exact product they bought to be delivered in excellent quality. But one thing that can turn customers off (and fast) is high shipping rates. If you own an online store, you can wow more clients by offering free shipping instead. Sure, shipping products cost money, but there are things you can do to lower your shipping costs and still offer your clients with free shipping.

PRNewswire shared that 80% of consumers would choose free shipping over expedited shipping. This means most people would be more than willing to wait for a package they bought if it meant they can enjoy free shipping. Of course, it still makes sense if you offer cheap shipping rates for faster shipping. Just make sure to advertise these options hard so you can reduce cart abandonment and impress clients with your considerate shipping options.

Put your heart into packaging your products

How you pack your products can affect your customer’s impression of your company. These days, customers expect so much from the companies they buy products from. And they have every right to do so since everyone expects to get what they paid for, if not more. This includes how you pack your products for them.

Consumers want eco-friendly packages, discounts, and freebies. Many also expect businesses to send them personalized thank you notes and inserts. The more you show how you care not only for your consumer’s preference with your packaging, the more clients you can expect to buy from you.

Get into the unboxing marketing hype

Why not give your customers a treat by giving them an unforgettable unboxing experience? Sometimes, the experience consumers have while opening the package only adds to their delight. Create hype by giving them a sneak peek on what unboxing experience is waiting for them by sharing an unboxing campaign in your social media pages, website, and online ads.

You can also send influencers a sample so they can post a video of them unboxing your package and entice their followers to buy from you. This allows your product to go viral thanks to an influencer’s innocent unboxing video. Not convinced? Just know that an 8-year-old Youtuber garnered $26 million just for unboxing videos.

Sometimes, not all marketing stunts demand you to spend thousands of dollars. If you can create a hype, give them a memorable experience and capture their attention in a more personalized way, then you can gain their respect and earn their loyalty. Of course, there is a need to keep up with consumer’s expectations. This way, you can continuously adjust your marketing strategies accordingly.

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