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Going Back To Work During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Now that almost everybody is getting settled into this new normal, many of us are wondering how long this pandemic will last and how our lives will be affected in the long haul.

With the regulations on social distancing, a lot of businesses have made certain adjustments to the way they operate. This is to make sure that everyone involved in their business is safe from the coronavirus that has plagued the entire world.

More than just the typical safety measures we’re used to, such as wearing the proper work clothes and safety gear, the World Health Organization and medical experts have also made specific recommendations and guidelines for businesses and establishments that resumed operations.

Let’s take a peek at what most establishments are doing at their workplaces today.

1. Ensure that the workplace is safe

Health and safety is the primary concern now in the workplace. Workplace safety goes beyond the typical hard hat to keep the head safe from harm or protect the eyes with safety glasses.

You now also have to think of the entire facility when it comes to workplace safety. Regular deep cleaning and sanitation should be at the top of one’s list of priorities in the office. Encourage everyone to wear masks, gloves, face shields, and other personal protective equipment. This helps keep your employees’ and customers’ minds at ease whenever they set foot into your facility.

2. Observe good hygiene at all times

Since the pandemic started, the primary way you can keep the virus at bay is by observing proper hygiene at all times. Handwashing and sanitizing are the main tools that we use to fight off COVID-19.

Make sure that everyone in your office complies with the highest standards of personal cleanliness.

To help make this a culture in your office, put up signs reminding people of the WHO COVID-19 guidelines. Also, make hand sanitizers easily accessible to everyone by placing bottles of alcohol and hand sanitizers in various areas of the facility.

3. Update your company policies and operating procedures

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Along with the changes in society, you also need to make some changes within your company. Update your policies and operational guidelines to accommodate the current changes going on around you starting with operational procedures. How will your business adapt to the present changes?

Certain safety measures have to be put in place such as temperature checks at the door, working on rotational shifts for employees to not overcrowd the workplace, daily cleaning and sanitation, and use of PPEs among other things.

You also need to update your company’s leave policies to include COVID-19 if an employee tests positive. At this point, employers and managers need to think of long-term solutions as it is still uncertain how long the virus will plague us.

4. Take care of your employees’ mental health

Due to the lockdowns and home quarantines, a lot of people have suffered some sort of depression and anxiety. Going back to the workplace after months of getting stuck at home with no job or financial security has triggered certain mental health issues in a lot of people.

Your HR department should be aware of this fact and have the necessary resources to help those who are struggling in this area.

If your company is not yet equipped to handle situations like this, it’s never too late. Invest in training and mental health resources for your workers. Share valuable information with them via company email. Start a mental health support group for people who are going through some tough times. If you value your workers’ physical health, you should also put a premium on their mental health.

The issue of whether to choose public health safety or restarting the economy is moot because both aspects of society are essential to any nation.

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