Marketing Trends You Can Take Advantage of During the COVID-19 Crisis

The current world health crisis has an undeniably negative impact on some businesses. Some industries that used to be on top of the world are now suffering thanks to the many restrictions and limitations that were and are still being implemented. According to Market Watch, some of the most COVID-19 affected industries are the tourism, sports, and entertainment industry.

The good news is, there is still hope even for such industries to thrive. This is even if there is no guarantee as to when the pandemic will end. One way to do this is to take advantage of the current marketing trends that are making waves during the COVID-19 pandemic, like the following.

Improving brand awareness and loyalty

Nothing matters more these days than to make consumers feel your brand’s authenticity and trustworthiness. During these challenging times, businesses will find that consumers are more focused on buying from the brands they can trust. Your business may not be fully and 100% operational now. But continuously boosting brand loyalty and awareness will help you gain and retain clients during this storm.

For starters, you need to make sure everyone in your team is all trustworthy and upholds the same values you want your company to portray. If there is a need to recruit new employees, accurate candidate tracking software can help you find the best hires for your company. Make sure to train your staff, especially those in customer service on how to provide support and how to deal with client issues. You will want to make consumers feel that you are not just a real company they can buy offers from. There is also a need to make your clients feel you care about them and their needs.
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As for marketing your brand, find ways you can make consumers feel that their well-being matters during the pandemic. If your store is open, advertise what steps you take to ensure the safety of everyone while in your store. For digital advertisements, make them feel like you are their friend concerned about their well-being. Make it a point to validate your brand and make it look relevant and trustworthy during the pandemic.

Boost your online customer journey

With all the stay-at-home order and quarantine rules, more people are online than on the streets. The increase in online activities of consumers only meant there is an increasing need for your business to improve your online presence. One thing you will want to focus on is boosting the customer journey online.

According to Forbes, the customer journey serves as a strategic positioning tactic for businesses. This means that it does not matter what your offers are or who your clients are. You will need to know about their needs and their struggles, what their expectations are, and how they want to be treated. Offer free but valuable advice, and collect feedback. Present facts, make online shopping a breeze, and connect with your customers emotionally.

These are but two marketing trends that can help your business get ahead even with a pandemic. Boost brand awareness, increase brand loyalty, and improve your customer’s journey online. This will help you stay relevant during the COVId-19 crisis and beyond.

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