Plan Your Rose Garden Early by Planting in Spring

Say you have a nice lawn in Salt Lake City or a huge backyard in Philadelphia. The winter frost is gone and your ground is ready for gardening. Roses are among the best plants you can consider to spruce up your bare grounds. Effortlessly beautiful, these flowering plants have different varieties that suit your experience level, your garden’s hardiness zone, and your coverage needs.

When you head down to your local landscape supply shop, keep the following rose varieties in mind.

Knock Out®

One of the best-known landscape roses, Knock Outs are easy to grow, low maintenance shrub roses that are constant sell-outs at landscape supply stores. The original shade is a lively pinkish magenta, though it has since branched out to yellow, pale pink, double-blossomed light pink, and pink with yellow centers. Knock Outs are resistant to black spot and other diseases and thrive even in partial shade.

These roses can be brought in for the winter and stay flowering throughout summer. If pruned properly, these shrubs can serve as nice half-fences at three to four feet. Left unchecked, these fast growers can grow up to five feet.

Mister Lincoln

Dark red Mister Lincoln roses have been a staple of American rose gardens since they were bred in 1964. Commonly requested by gardeners, this hybrid tea rose has high-centered petals that turn dark purple when fading, leathery foliage, and sharp thorns. Its fragrance is so strong that passing by a tall bush of Mister Lincoln roses is quite like passing by the perfume aisle at a fragrance store.

New Dawn

Strong and sweet-smelling, new dawns are made distinct by their shell-pink, semi-double flowers. Because their flowering period is long and they are repeating, zealous climbers, these roses look stunning when growing against walls, arches, and fences. They’re made more beautiful by the fact that they’re disease-resistant, easy growers, and produce more blooms when exposed to sun and air.

New dawns bloom in early summer and last until fall, at which point they bear crops of red hips.

Zephirine Drouhin

The Zephirine Drouhin are nearly thornless, semi-double Bourbon roses. Their flowers resemble ruffled taffeta and have incredibly fragrant, sweet, and somewhat fruity undertones. Original varieties are deep pink and all blooms are prone to vigorous climbing.

To care for these elegant roses, promote growth by pruning newly bloomed bushes early. They’re salt resistant, but vulnerable to black spot; therefore, they need protection from disease.

Flower Carpet Scarlet


A ground cover rose, flower carpet scarlet roses blanket your garden with fiery red, lightly scented cupped blooms and dark green leaves from spring to fall. These flowers are dense, provide excellent ground cover, thrive despite heat and dryness, and are highly resistant to diseases.

These roses live long (up to 20 years) when pruned and cared for properly. City dwellers can cultivate them with ease. Roses planted in a wide space perform better than those in containers, as they spill over and spread from where they are originally planted.

Don’t have a green thumb? Landscaping companies can offer the best roses without the need for you to do anything but water and prune the plants. They can also offer tree saplings, shrubs, and perennials, along with herbs and vegetables. Choose a good gardening partner to bring out the best in your garden.

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