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Fixing a Stuffy Workplace

There are many reasons why people leave their jobs, and one of them is that they don’t like the work environment. Whether you’re working in a small office or an expansive warehouse, there’s always something about the atmosphere that can be improved upon. To get your employees to love coming to work every day, try implementing these changes.

1. Allow for more personal space

Employees should be able to work in an environment that allows them to focus, without being overwhelmed by the number of people around them. If possible, separate your employees into individual cubicles or offices so that they can clearly see their boundaries.

2. Provide better ventilation

Nothing is worse than being in a place without proper ventilation. Make sure to install fans so that employees can feel comfortable during their workday. You also have the option of installing air conditioners, though this may get quite costly if being used year-round. But if you already have them in place, make sure to arrange for heating and air repair maintenance regularly. This will ensure that the air quality indoors is clean and safe to breathe.

3. Add more natural light

If burnt-out employees worked in an enclosed room, then it makes sense that they would be more productive if they were surrounded by windows to let sunlight in. This will help employees feel refreshed throughout their day, which can reduce stress and even improve moods. You are ultimately helping them to do their jobs better by just parting some curtains or opening doors.

4. Let employees socialize in an employee room

If employees are spending hours at a desk or table, they might get antsy and want to be around others. To allow for this, set aside an employee room where employees can mingle while still on break. This will help them to feel better about the workday and may even ease tensions with co-workers or bosses.

5. Add more natural plants

Investing in potted plants is a good idea for any office or workspace. Adding greenery will help to purify the air quality, giving employees some fresh oxygen to breathe. Plants also serve as decoration, something for your employees to look at when they get tired of staring at a computer screen.

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6. Make sure everyone has access to fresh water and coffee/tea

Employees will appreciate it if they know that their water dispensers are always filled and ready to go. If you want to make sure there’s always fresh coffee or hot tea available, then best buy a coffee maker or electric kettle with an on/off switch that employees can use whenever they like.

7. Install an intercom system

This is especially useful if your office or warehouse is quite expansive. If you’d prefer to be more hands-on with employees, then set up a microphone system so that you can address them through speakers installed throughout the building. This way, if anything comes up that needs everyone’s attention, you won’t have to go around calling people into one room.

8. Plan parties and team-building exercises

These are great ways to get your employees more hyped about their workday. Whether it’s a holiday party or an all-day event, they’ll feel appreciated knowing that you want them to have fun at work. Even if running through the office pretending to be zombies out for blood is not their idea of party fun, it will help them feel closer as a team.

9. Keep an encouraging message board

An inspiring quote or phrase can do wonders in the work environment. You don’t even have to post for everyone’s eyes to see— just put up a sign with some sweet words that employees can look at when they’re feeling down. If anything, this will encourage them to keep going and never give up.

10. Provide a designated “quiet room”

If your employees are working with delicate machinery or large pieces of equipment that require a lot of concentration, they might need the freedom from distractions when things get too heated up. In cases like these, make sure to set aside a quiet room or recharge room where employees can take a break and get away from it all without worrying about disturbing others.

11. Offer food options

If you don’t want to spend a ton of money on catering, then get creative with the options you offer. If employees are eating fast food for lunch every day, maybe set up an in-office buffet or potluck where they can bring their own food and share it with others. This will make them feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves and will allow them to take an active role in making the office a fun place to be.

If you want to make your office a fun and productive place for employees, don’t forget about the little things. These 10 tips will help you create an environment that’s more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone.

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