12 Creative Uses of a Laser Engraver and Cutter

Are you a budding entrepreneur looking for new ideas for your business? Or perhaps you want to expand your current selection of products with newer and more creative ones? Either way, a laser engraver and cutter can open a whole new world of possibilities for your business.

Here are some of the best products that you can make with a laser engraver and cutter:

1. Personalized wine glasses

From busy moms to the designated “wine aunts” of the family, everyone will love a wine glass with their name on it. You can give these items to your employees and customers.

2. Donor bricks

One of the primary uses of brick engraving is for fundraising. Those who donate to the cause may be honored with engraved bricks if the fundraising is for a new hospital wing, school building, church, etc.

3. Engraved coasters

Coasters can be great gifts for almost any occasion. Fathers’ Day, Christmas, or birthdays? A customized coaster is always a great choice.

4. Wax sealsl

Even though using wax seals on letters is already a thing of the past, many hobbyists still enjoy sealing their postage with a wax seal. You can offer customized acrylic seals for crafts, wedding or birthday invitations, or collections.

5. Customized lighters

Who wouldn’t want to have a one of a kind Zippo? With a laser engraving machine, you can make custom designs on metal lighters for people who want to make sure their lighter is extra special.

6. Phone cases

Making unique phone cases is easier with a laser engraver. You can use this type of machine for almost any kind of material, be it wood, metal, or leather, which are all suitable materials for phone cases.

7. Special keychains

Many craft stores make keychains of various shapes and designs. Why not give yours a unique touch with the use of laser engraving or cutting?

8. Signage

Laser cutting makes it possible to produce better signages, but without the hassle of cutting the shapes manually. With a laser cutter and engraver, you can easily create an eye-catching sign for stores, restaurants, and other places of business.

9. Plaques

From awards to decorative pieces, a laser engraver can mark almost any material to create a beautiful plaque.

10. Wedding favors

Guests will remember a couple’s special day much better if there were great wedding favors to take home. Instead of the usual candles or edibles, offer personalized favors such as engraved glasses, keychains, bottle openers, crystals, or champagne bottles.

11. Company swag

The main purpose of giving out company swag is to promote the brand’s name. For engravable products like pens, bottles, lighters, keychains, and electronic devices, marking the brand’s name on it is easy and fast with a laser engraver.

12. Dog tags

Many dog owners have their pets’ tags engraved with contact information in case their furry friends get lost. Jump in on the trend and offer engraving services for dog tags.

These are just some of the possible products that you can make with a laser engraver and cutter. If you’re still in doubt whether it’s a good investment, the wide range of possibilities should be enough to convince you otherwise.

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