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Addressing Overall Wellness amid the Pandemic

Experience life like never before. Get to enjoy every day with your loved ones without fear. Experiencing mental illness in the family can be stressful for everyone involved. There are many potential causes and effects of having a mental illness that could cause strains in family relationships. Mental health concerns could result in substance abuse in some individuals. Rehabilitation for substance abuse such as heroin and cocaine can help these individuals recover from the stress and triggers of their conditions.

Families should always opt to be supportive of their loved ones. Struggling with a mental illness is difficult enough with the stigma imposed by society. It would be beneficial to people with mental illness to have a strong support system throughout their healing journey. Friends and loved ones could also help disseminate useful information on social media regarding the experience of dealing with mental illness in the family. This may help decrease the stigma surrounding the experience.

Apart from the stigma of struggling with mental illness, one of the reasons why many people don’t speak up is the cost of healthcare today. These days, professional mental health services are deemed almost inaccessible to many due to their high fees.

Mental Illness Symptoms

In 2019, around 20.6% of American adults had experienced a mental illness. Suffering from mental illnesses often has no specific face. It is difficult to determine if a certain person is going through a tough time. Nevertheless, mental illnesses are fatal conditions that should be taken seriously. Families should pay close attention if there are any changes in behavior in their family members. They should address these concerns immediately before it’s too late.

There are many types of mental illnesses that an individual may experience; however, there are common signs to watch out for that may point towards the risk of acquiring a mental illness. During this quarantine period, keep an eye on your loved ones for mental illness symptoms. These can be extreme changes in mood, excessive tiredness or low energy, and dangerously negative thoughts. These symptoms may manifest suddenly or gradually, so it’s always best to regularly check up on your family regarding how they have been coping with the current situation.

If these symptoms have been manifesting, seek immediate medical help. Always provide emotional support to your loved ones, especially to those who need it the most.

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Stigma vs. Mental Health

Today, despite the cultural developments in modern times, stigma still surrounds mental illnesses and their sufferers. This stigma prevents many people from coming forward about their conditions. Communities need to work towards removing this stigma for the health and betterment of many individuals.

In pop culture, celebrities and influencers have started taking a stand in recent years regarding mental health and its nuances. These individuals have offered their platforms to voice out the concerns and misconceptions regarding suffering from mental illness. Movies such as Dear Evan Hansen have been taking steps towards revealing the teenage experience of mental health.

We should likewise work towards helping this sector of society in “unmarking” themselves from the stigma imposed by their communities and the people around them.

Offering a Listening Ear

When talking to a friend or loved one suffering from mental illness, it is understandable if you find this process stressful and pressure-inducing. You should educate yourself about how to communicate with people who are suffering from mental illnesses. Doing so will allow you to effectively understand how they feel as you properly talk to them about their thoughts and emotions.

Approaching loved ones with mental illnesses can make a big difference to these people. It’s essential to go the extra mile to learn what you could do for your loved ones when handling this delicate situation.

The Cost of Mental Health Care

These days, apart from the stigma surrounding mental illnesses, many people opt not to get professional help because of the high costs that mental health care entails. People cannot afford to pay for professional service, no matter how willing they are to be medically treated.

While it will be a long process before the healthcare system addresses this major concern, there are alternative activities you could do that could serve as temporary therapy substitutes. Keep your communication open with your loved ones despite the distance so that you can share and express your thoughts and emotions. Get enough sunlight each day to boost your happy hormones. Engaging in regular exercise and constantly moving around can also help with your uplifted spirit.

Mental health is a crucial aspect of one’s overall wellness. Families should always keep an eye on each other for changes in behavior to immediately address anything unusual that may crop up.

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