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Beautify Your House This Summer with These Home Improvement Projects

Summertime isn’t just a season to hit the beaches and host a barbecue party in your backyard. It’s also a perfect time for people to tackle and complete home improvement projects. With snow, ice, and strong winds out of the picture, homeowners can take this opportunity to assess, fix, and upgrade their houses.

Not sure where to start? Take note of these home improvement ideas to stay productive during summertime:

Replace Problematic Windows

Drafty, broken, and old windows are the primary cause of heat loss during wintertime. This leads to higher heating costs during the cold season and decreased levels of indoor comfort. During the dog days of summer, invest in a new window. This offers a multitude of benefits to the homeowner, including long-term energy savings and energy efficiency.

When shopping for a window for your home, consider installing a dual-pane window. This eliminates inefficient heating and air conditioning, as well as reduces outside noise.

If you’re going to install a new window, you may need to secure a permit before starting the job. When you’re not sure how to replace an old window, get in touch with a service provider that offers window installation.

Clean and Maintain Your Swimming Pool

cleaning the swimmingn pool

Swimming pools are common in many U.S. homes. Statistics published in LiveAbout reveal that the country has approximately 10.4 million residential pools. Homeowners looking to use their swimming pool for the entire summer should take steps to properly clean and treat their pool.

When maintaining your pool, you need to do the following:

  • Clear debris from the water
  • Conduct water analysis
  • Monitor and balance the pool’s water chemistry
  • Brush and vacuum the swimming pool
  • Install a backwash filter to effectively flush out water contaminants

By cleaning and maintaining your swimming pool, you get to enjoy sparkling and clean water during summer and prevent unwanted or unexpected repairs caused by pool neglect.

Reface Kitchen Cabinets

If the cabinets of your kitchen have seen better days, refacing might be the right home improvement project for you. This process involves replacing worn-out drawer fronts and cabinet doors and applying a new veneer on the surface of the cabinets. Once you complete this project, your kitchen will look just like new.

If you’re going to reface your kitchen cabinets, remember to check your refacing options by visiting a commercial kitchen showroom. You’ll have an idea of how the complete job will look like when you’re able to compare various cabinet styles against your kitchen backdrop.

Pressure Wash Your Home Exterior

Power washing is a quick, reliable, and affordable way to spruce up a home’s appearance. A pressure washer effectively knocks out mildew, dirt, sediments, and mold — problems that cause long-term wear and tear on a house’s exterior.

If you’re going to pressure wash your home, you can either do it yourself or hire a professional to get the job done. While power washing is inexpensive, you need experience and skill when using a pressure washer. If you’re not sure how to use the machine, leave the work to a house cleaning expert.

These projects will beautify your house and keep you engaged this summer. When done properly, these can offer many benefits to homeowners, including increased energy efficiency, better curb appeal, and increased home value.

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