Common Construction Mistakes That Are Easy to Miss

Construction work is done with a lot of deadlines and targets throughout the project. Slip-ups happen, and sometimes things get shifted to the side or unchecked. However, even small mishaps can cause major issues or lower the quality of the final product. Here are some of the most common mistakes that are often unnoticed because they aren’t apparent until the consequences appear.

Using the wrong type of cleaning rags

It’s accessible these days to purchase cleaning rags in bulk. Because of this, a lot of contractors get the cheapest variations and supply them to workers without taking into account the different types of rags and how these can affect the work done.

For instance, when working with cleaning and buffing, constructions see a lot of different materials like wood, marble, cement, and more. Each reacts differently to different textures and cloths. On top of that, there are also oils, paints, and chemicals that need to be absorbed and need separate rags to be used. Another issue often seen is using colored rags that cause bleeding, which can be a hassle when it leaves a stain on building materials.

It’s easy to overlook, but it’s much simpler to get the right type of rags without having to break the bank. Bulk producers carry different types to cater to each need in construction, with different fabrics and materials to best serve the project with durability and affordability. Look for a rag seller that can break down their variations for you so that you can properly decide which suits your project best.

Not checking the plumbing caps

All too often, water can be the bane of construction projects. This can cause damage, halt production, and lead to lots of delays and reworking. Water damage is the second most frequent cause of loss in construction.

One small mistake that leads to big water woes is when workers neglect to check on roughed-in caps after laying down or connecting the piping. This is especially troublesome in multi-level structures that have a lot of routed pipes across wall cavities, which can lead to some neglected caps and unfastened fittings. This can cause leaks galore and make room for flooding, which can set a project back a lot of time and money. It’s best to ensure that this small but necessary finishing touch is not forgotten.

Referring to the wrong blueprints

Two builders standing with an open blueprint

Blueprints are, of course, the essential with any project as they serve as the complete construction bible that must be followed to a tee. Often, they get reworked and updated, making it crucial for all team members to be aligned and aware of any changes.

Communication mishaps like this can be costly and can render a lot of finished work unusable. That’s why all necessary parties should be notified anytime there’s a change. Confirming that the copy in the hands of the construction crew matches the latest design is imperative for smooth work and avoiding errors.

Because these issues are easy to miss, it’s all the more important to keep a keen eye on these possible instances when starting your own construction project.

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