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Going on a Road Trip? Download These Apps

To go on a road trip is one of the best experiences anyone can have. It allows you to discover the world around you without having to spend thousands on plane tickets or luxury hotel accommodations.

For some travelers, however, planning a road trip can be tedious. So, if you are planning to go on a road trip with either family or friends, be sure to load up your mobile phones with the best apps to use while you are on the road. Whether you run out of gas or need some help along the way, there is always an app that can help you stay safe.

Pack Point

Nobody wants to forget anything when they are going on an adventure. With Pack Point, you can easily manage all the things that you should bring without leaving anything behind. Pack Point is a customized packing planner that helps you to stay on top of things.

Now, you will no longer forget the off-road LED lights for your car the next time that you travel. It enables you to organize all the things you need. The mobile app creates a list of the things that you have to put in your bag based on your travel destination and the weather there.


For those who are traveling on a major highway, using iExit can be a great help, especially when it comes to finding amenities at any of the exits. This mobile application contains information on gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants, and hotels.

Once the app traces that you are on a major highway, it will show you all the incoming exits. You can find it along with icons that can help you identify the type of amenity, as well as its distance. If you are planning to travel on the road, you can select the highway that you want to go to and plan out your stops for the entire trip.

Park Me

Mobile apps for travel

Park Me is an excellent addition to your mobile app collection that can help you with your travel. It will show you all the available street and garage parking spaces near you or anywhere that you search using their map. You can filter the search by street or garage parking, as well as its price.

Also, the app tells you the number of spaces that are still available in a metered street or the garage. Once your car is parked, you will see an in-app timer that will alarm you when it is time to move your vehicle. Also, if you need help remembering the exact location of where you parked your car, you can use the app to mark the location of your vehicle.

Using these mobile apps can help you make your road trip a lot easier. So, before you start packing all the things that you need, you have to ensure that you have most of the apps downloaded. Also, keep a first aid kit handy. Ensuring everyone’s safety all the time should be your top priority.

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