How Can You Achieve a Greener Post-pandemic Office?

Now is the perfect time to reboot your workspaces and go green. With the increased interest today for safer and healthier offices due to the pandemic, you can refurbish yours to ensure that your employees remain happy and productive after months of remote working.

While the prospect of incorporating biophilic design and sustainable methods may seem daunting, pushing through promises a myriad of advantages. This is true not only for your employees but for your brand as a whole. Today, consumers are leaning more and more towards everything sustainable, whether in manufacturing, packaging, delivery, or marketing. When you begin the change at the heart of your operations, the rest will follow.

Launch your workplace refurbishment with these essential tips to increase your chances of achieving a greener overhaul.

Always Start with Plants

Bringing in a touch of the great outdoors into your workspace comes with a lot of benefits. It doesn’t matter if you have a vertical garden or just succulents decorating every table. Research shows that coming in contact with natural elements relaxes people, which may be exactly what you need to maintain calm and productive employees during and even after the pandemic.

Outdoor spaces are also becoming an in-demand part of modern workplaces. The great news is that it neither has to be big or impressive to benefit your employees. If your commercial property is lucky enough to have gardens or an empty lot, you can convert them into collaborative workstations.

Start by investing in your landscaping so that it’s clean and appealing. Install outdoor furniture with proper shading to encourage employees to work outside. Leave the lawn landscape maintenance to the experts and continually improve upon your biophilic designs in the office. Soon, you’ll find the perfect setup that you and your employees will love.

Switch to Energy-Efficient Equipment

Energy-efficient equipment is those that require less energy to operate. This results in a reduced carbon footprint, which is one of the leading ways to counter climate change. Apart from the environmental benefits of this switch, there’s also the positive financial impact it will make on your operational costs. You’ll notice right away how it lowers your utility bills.

The good news is that making the switch doesn’t always mean throwing away your existing equipment to make way for new ones. Your current computers and gadgets already have settings that enable them to consume less power. What you will likely want to change, however, are your fluorescent light bulbs. Check your HVAC system, too, and have your office assessed for insulation problems. It’s often poor maintenance that causes your appliances to work harder and consume more energy in the process.

Amend Your Policies

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It’s not only the physical that should change but also the mental. The most efficient and long-lasting green methods are achieved through habit. Coach your employees on how to make small sustainable choices every day. This could be through using lights only when they’re needed, encouraging them to bring their own tumblers, turning off the bathroom ventilator when not in use, and disposing of waste properly.

Make it easier for everyone to develop these habits by leaving reminders near light switches, faucets, and outlets. Remember that habits take time to develop, and a little extra help goes a long way in making new policies successful.

Purchase Fewer Paper

The fewer paper you use in your workplace, the fewer the trees that are cut to produce them. It’s not just about being sustainable, too. If you’re still printing the majority of your records instead of storing them securely online, then you have some major upgrading to do.

When you announce that you’ll digitize most of your work processes, make sure that you already have a plan in place. This will ensure that your employees can follow through, and it won’t affect your productivity and the quality of your output. Look for software that gives you the best support, and don’t be afraid to go through a process of elimination. Once you find the software for you, it’ll yield incredible results for your business.

Slow Progress is Still Progress

Don’t attempt a complete overhaul overnight. Not only can it be stressful, but it can also be wasteful. Collaborate with your employees in creating a greener workplace to guarantee the results you want. This will make them more enthusiastic about this change and increase active participation. The entire transition might take months or even an entire year. Don’t sweat it. What’s important is that you are already taking the first step.

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