How to Create More Storage Space in Your Home

Storage is probably one of the most important things to have in your home. You need a place to put all your stuff without making your house look cluttered and unorganized. You’re probably reading this because you’ve taken up all the available storage space in your house and you’re looking for a way to create more. Luckily, we have a solution. 

Finding new ways to create more storage in your home doesn’t need to consume a lot of money and effort. It can be as simple as moving furniture around, optimizing small spaces, etc. Here are some tips on creating more storage space in your home.

Create closets at the staircase

If you look at the staircase, you’ll notice that there’s an awful lot of wasted space underneath that could be used as storage. This might cost a little more of your resources and time, but you’ll benefit significantly from renovating the staircase and putting it to good use. You can either have a closet installed under the stairs or create drawers on each step.

Convert high ceiling space to a storage area

Your home might be small in terms of width, but there’s a chance that it’s large in height. If the ceiling is high, you can take advantage of it by converting your home to a loft-type space. Have your home renovated to two floors so you can make use of your ceiling area as an additional storage space.

Install shelves on the walls

Installing shelves or closets on your walls will not only give you extra storage space, but it will also change the entire layout and appearance of your home. A simple addition of wall brackets and shelving can serve as a functional piece of decoration. Put your books, picture frames, plants, etc. on top of the shelves to create more space on tabletops.

Hide some clothes

Chances are, your closet is filled with clothes you don’t even wear anymore. An easy solution is to donate or sell those you no longer use. But if you want to keep them, you can always take away out-of-season clothing from your closet and put them in a storage box under your bed. This will give way for more items you can stack in your closet and also help keep it more organized.

Take advantage of vertical space

The common practice is storing things horizontally instead of vertically. This would tend to consume a lot of space. But you might be missing out on a lot of extra storage opportunities. Think vertically and stack things on top of each other. Store rarely used objects on top of closets or under tables.

Consider an off-site storage unit

If you’re stacking a lot of things in your home and you barely even use them, you might want to consider renting a storage space in another location. There, you have a huge warehouse where you can keep your old furniture, worn-out appliances, off-season clothing, etc. This will surely create more room in your home for things that you use more often.

Storage is something that many homeowners want in their homes. No one’s ever complained about having too much storage, right? If it seems like there’s no room left for all your things, it might only take a change in perspective to help you find some extra storage space. 

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