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Leaving a True Legacy to Loved Ones, Friends, Children, and Enemies

What does it mean to leave a legacy for your loved ones and friends? Is it merely giving them money after you’ve passed away? Is it just passing down some good old wisdom and a few stories of your past?

A legacy means more than what you leave behind. It’s a seed that, with time, can become stories of their own, if you do it right and in good time.

The Environment

People argue that this is the only world and home humankind will ever truly have. There’s not enough science and technology yet to provide an alternative. Don’t squander this precious world and leave a planet worse off for your children. Every little bit of donation to various environmental programs helps.

Even how you choose to pass on can become a statement of love and respect for nature. With the rise of eco funerals in the UK, you can choose to be buried in unconventional methods, such as tree pods, which grow into trees that can help keep the air and earth fresh.

Your Closest Friends

old people having coffeeMake a list of people who you owe your life to. Chances are these are going to be some great individuals you’ve learned to call your friends. What can you give them as a token of your friendship?

Sentiment and relationships play an important role in leaving legacy gifts to your best friends. You can leave letters, tokens, or even items that have meaning for you and them.

Your Students and Mentees

If you’re a teacher or mentor in some way, there are people whose lives have changed through your wisdom. You probably have no idea how impactful a kind word is to a student trying their best to be good, but you can bet that they’d love to know that you remember them.

If you have a particular student, class, or batch that meant a lot to you, write them a letter or make a video reminding them of what it means to learn. Show them that their favorite teacher, no matter how frustrated they got over low grades and attitude, will always have love and honour for the students.

Your Enemies

Don’t look so surprised. Even the enemies that outlive you have much to learn and gain from your forgiveness and remorse. Do you still carry a grudge in your heart? Are you aching to seek someone out and tell them that you’re sorry?

Whatever reasons you had for making enemies on this earth shouldn’t follow you to the afterlife. Think of who deserves your apology and try to make amends. You don’t have to listen to anything they have to say if they can’t or won’t forgive you. You’ve done your part.

Whether it’s for your family, the friends who’ve stuck around, or those who will never know you personally, a legacy is a beautiful gift. Look beyond the material and physical and let your spiritual and emotional gifts flourish. Take time to reflect on who you are and how you can make positive changes in the world after you’ve departed.

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