Practical Ways to Maintain Excavator Safety

Earth-moving equipment comes with safety features. Since there is no guarantee that it would provide maximum safety, however, you should know the safety measures to employ. If you have no experience in using an excavator, consider hiring an expert. If you would be renting the excavator, it is advisable to work with excavator rental companies that provide an operator if needed.

Inspect Before Using

All types of earth-moving equipment ought to be inspected daily before operating. For best results, it is crucial to develop a checklist of all the components to check. This ensures that you do not overlook some essential components. If servicing and maintenance would be necessary, you should only work with a professional mechanic. This guarantees better results. Most importantly, it helps minimise the chances of injuries.

Beware of Blind Spots

You have to be sure that there are no obstacles in your blind spots when operating and moving your excavator. If you cannot see clearly from where you are, it is advisable to get out of your machine to check. It is advisable to steer your device as straight as possible. If turns are necessary, you should make them as gradually as possible. If you will be working in the company of others, it pays to inform them regarding your blind spots. Consider working with an experienced spotter for guidance and direction purposes.

Look Out for Underground and Overhead Hazards

Before starting work on any job site, you should identify and flag underground and overhead obstructions. These include low clearance, power lines, sewer, gas and water lines. It is important to mark all obstacles appropriately to know when you are dealing with each. While machines make work more comfortable, you should only hand dig when trying to uncover the obstructions. It pays to install barriers to protect people from falling into dugout holes.

Mount and Dismount Safely

man sitting outside excavator

You should be careful when entering and exiting the machine. You should maintain acceptable contact when mounting and dismounting. Be careful to keep a 3-point connection. This means that you should always have two hands, one foot or both feet, one hand on the machine at all times. Make sure that steps and handholds are in good shape throughout. It is also critical that you do not jump off the device.

Respect Load Limits

Different excavators come with varying limits. You should familiarise yourself with the maximum capacity your excavator can lift and at what circumstances. If you would be working on a slope, for instance, you should know the maximum load the machine can load and unload. This helps avoid the risk of a rollover. If your excavator does not come with a load-chart, it is essential to research its load limits before you attempt anything. In case lifting would be necessary, use the recommended rigging attachments throughout.

It is true that earth-moving equipment accidents can happen at any time. Since most of them are preventable, however, be careful to take all the necessary measures to minimise the chances of them happening. If you are operating the machines yourself, learn how to maintain safety.

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