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Spas in the New Normal

It’s no secret how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected various businesses worldwide. While many companies and enterprises closed last year, only a few have managed to reopen.

Businesses in the spa industry were also affected; however, they appear to be thriving this year. Why? People have emphasized health and wellness amid the global health crisis. Many individuals and families are looking to take care of their overall well-being.

Getting spa services can be good for the clients’ minds and bodies. They can somehow help them cope with the pandemic. That said, here’s why you must consider opening a spa business amid the COVID-19 crisis:

1. Focus on Wellness

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, the focus is on health and wellness. Of course, the topmost priority is to protect oneself from the threat of the novel coronavirus. Aside from taking care of one’s physical health, individuals also need to ensure mental stability and foster overall well-being. Opening a spa in your locality allows your local clients to take good care of themselves. Ultimately, getting a spa service is a form of self-care that has a handful of health benefits.

2. Accessibility of Locations

As mentioned above, the pandemic has forced some businesses to close for good. However, it has led to the availability of locations for new tenants or property owners. As such, it’s a good idea to invest in or rent a commercial property for your spa business. It won’t be hard to find a space in your locality that’s best suited for your business. Some may even offer lower pricing or rental payments of their properties.

3. Affordable Financing

Another good reason to venture into the spa business is the affordability of financing. For one, such a business isn’t as expensive as opening a retail store. However, you still need money for your capital outlay, such as the operational costs, tools and equipment, and even sales and marketing. Two, seeking funding for your spa business is at a record low. Given this, you can shop around to look for the right lender offering the best deal.

4. Easy Staffing

It’s no secret how many individuals have got laid out during this pandemic. Many of them are looking for work during this unprecedented time. For this reason, it won’t be hard to find employees for your spa business. You don’t need to hire those with licenses as long as they have the knowledge and skills in spa-related services. However, it’s best to get employees who have undergone training and earned certification.

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5. Client Acquisition

Of course, getting clients is the ultimate goal of your spa. Last year, local authorities forced the spa industry to shut down as it was considered non-essential. But as some businesses have reopened this year, they have realized the value of their services.

A lot of individuals and families are looking to have some self-pampering. They do so to feel better and even look good amid the global health crisis. And for the most part, getting a spa is included in their self-care list.

6. Availability of Spa Products

There are ease and convenience in getting spa products these days. Some individuals can even purchase spa devices, tools, and supplies online. They can have these products for personal use at home. A few examples of home spa products include bath salt, manicure kit, bathrobe, Bluetooth-connected diffuser, throw blanket, facial scrub, and a lot more. Aside from spa products, you can also find affordable bath pumps and parts for your spa installation.

7. Robust Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has never been this important, especially during this pandemic. And this applies to your spa business as well. It will not be hard for you to reach out to your target market, drive them to your website, and lead to your spa. You can employ online marketing strategies such as search engine optimization (SEO), email promotion, content marketing, and social media management. By implementing one or some of these, you’ll be able to get more clients and kick your spa business up a notch!

At this point, you now know why it pays to open a spa business during this pandemic. Take into account the reasons outlined above. But of course, be sure to sit down and plan before taking the plunge. Also, factor in all aspects of your spa business, from your commercial property to the services offered down to digital marketing. With all these in place, you’ll set your business on the right track. Ultimately, you’ll see your spa business flourish amid the crisis!

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