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6 Industries that Use Robotics

There was a forecast before from the International Federation of Robotics that 1.3 million industrial robots shall be used in 2018. It’s already 2019, and robotics is still helping many industries worldwide. Robotics is meant to stay and to boost the productivity of such industries further. But, what are these industries? What is robotics? How are industrial robots integrated?


A robot is a machine. It is a type of machine that can either look like a human or not and do mechanical tasks. Robots can do many tasks faster that’s why a lot of industries are seeking it already. To answer the question, robotics is the formation including design, concept, etc. involved in making robots for special features and functions. Here are the industries that make use of robotics;

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

This is the kind of technology which many companies use for their computer software. It is used for many functions like data manipulation, ‘triggering responses,’ and other forms of communication via digital systems. It makes an employee’s job easier and more effective. It also allows employees to concentrate on more important tasks in the office.

Agriculture Industry

Have you seen big farms where instead of the farmer manually harvesting tons of crops, a gigantic machine is doing it for him? That’s robotics. It can minimize labor by doing manual work like thinning, pruning, spraying, and other agricultural functions.

Manufacturing Industry

Robotics is helpful when there are a lot of finished products needed that the human hand can’t go faster. Using robotics in this industry means that productivity and efficiency are increased. Of course, this is not to say that human labor isn’t needed anymore. Robotics is merely to help ease the processes in the production of some industries.

Health Industry

Robotics in the field of medicine has come a long way. It is evident in the areas of surgery, therapy, patient care, rehabilitation, and other health activities. One example of robotics in this field is the da Vinci Surgical System. This system imitates the hand movements of the surgeon and operates on a patient in precise movements. This avoids the risk of harm in invasive procedures.

Robotics in Food Preparation

This field is closer to home than you may think as the robots used can prepare food from the kitchen. These robots can be controlled through a Smartphone, and if you are the controller, you can choose a meal. Your home chef robot will prepare a meal for you from pre-cut and prepared ingredients.

In the Military

Robotics is a tool in the area of surveillance and support operations on the military battlefield. Robotics systems like drones are being used in ‘areas of war and conflict, disaster areas, hostage situations, and more. The use of robotics in this field is tremendous and efficient.

Are Robots Taking Over Humans?

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Robotics is very helpful in the sense that there are jobs that it can do that no human can. A robot is faster, so the repetitive tasks need not be handled by humans but by robots. This lets humans do other functions that are equivalent to them.

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