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5 Web Design Mistakes That Could Hurt Your Brand

At this age, having a website can make or break your business venture. Many companies, big or small, are finding this move a great way to promote their brand at a lesser cost. This is why many organization are careful about the look and layout of their website.

As easy as it may look, it’s plain easy for anyone to commit a mistake when it comes to their web’s design. To guide you accordingly, here are several things you must never commit when creating a website.

It Takes More Than Three Seconds to Load

The faster your website loads, the more visitors you have. This is the most basic principle you have to know about websites. If yours is slower than the standard page speed loading time, expect to lose the interest of users. People don’t have the patience to wait. If you want to keep them glued to your brand, improving the load speed is the best way to go.

The CTAs Are Not Enticing Enough

Call-to-action (CTA) buttons promote a sense of urgency. That’s why many e-commerce sites are using it to their advantage. Overusing these buttons, however, could also screw up your website. There’s no secret formula for this one; it’s always a matter of trial and error. If you notice that you have a good number of visits with no conversions, maybe it’s time to reconsider your CTAs.

Employee planning the websiteThere’s Too Much Going on the Design

As much as you want to put everything out there on display, this is not recommended. Website design companies in Utah said that putting too much on your site may ruin your campaign big time. That’s why they suggested keeping things simple yet interesting. Don’t plaster everything at once. There’s a better way to let people know about your company. It’s just a matter of organizing them in the best way possible.

The Website is Hard to Navigate

Once you reel in visitors into your site, the next step is to keep them interested and give them what they want. That’s why your website must promote easy navigation, in case they want more. If they find themselves lost on your website because of its complex design, then you’re doing it all wrong. You have to keep everything easy to find so that if people need to know or look for something, they could find it.

It’s Not Mobile Responsive

Google has been specific about mobile-friendly websites. With the surge of the number of mobile users, this must no longer be a surprise. That’s why if you want to widen your audience reach, you must follow the mobile-first principle. The idea is to make your website more responsive across all mobile devices. To provide easy access to those who are always on-the-go.

These are just some of the web design mistakes you must never commit. Upon doing so, you are sure to come up with a layout and design that will portray your brand the best way possible. Try researching about the subject to make a more informed decision.


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