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The Man of the House: Six DIY Projects He Can Do

Many DIY projects are enjoyable experiences that give men a sense of pride when they complete the project successfully. Men generally like working with their hands and doing things on their own. They enjoy the challenge of trying something new and accomplishing it without help from anyone else.

DIY projects can help you save a lot of money. You do not have to hire a professional to do the job for you. Of course, there are instances when it is wise to hire a professional. Here’s a list of do-it-yourself that the man of the house himself can do.

1. Replacing the roof

Your local hardware store probably carries a kit with all the necessary tools and materials you need to replace your roof. But it is crucial to hire a professional to inspect your roof before undertaking this DIY project. It’s also wise to get an estimate from different contractors so that you’ll know how much you can save. This way, if your budget doesn’t allow such projects as this, you’ll be able to decide whether it’s worth doing yourself.

Roof replacement is not just about the roofing material itself. Your roof also needs adequate support. You need to check whether your roof rafters are in good condition or if they’ll need to be replaced as well. Also, you should know how roofing materials like shingles, rolls, and tiles work before undertaking this DIY project.

If you plan to replace your roof with shingles, make sure that they are available in your area. After all, it won’t do you any good if there aren’t any contractors around who can install them correctly once you’ve done the dirty work yourself.

2. Replacing the windows

Windows provide ventilation and natural light into our homes while keeping out intruders like burglars and insects like mosquitoes. If the window panes of your house are cracked or foggy, it’s time to replace them. Replacing them isn’t such a complex project if you’re doing it yourself. If you’re handy with tools and like working with wood, this DIY project is for you.

First, use a tape measure to measure the exact dimensions of your window space. Take down the measurements and compare them to the cost of pre-assembled replacement windows at home improvement stores. Buy exactly what you need—including roof jacks if necessary—but no more than that because chances are you’ll end up paying too much for things that won’t be used anyway once the window replacement is over.

3. Repairing the driveway

Driveway repairs are easy enough to handle yourself. Anybody who knows how to work the tools can replace the concrete portion of a driveway. Patching potholes is not too arduous either because most people already own the necessary materials to fix damaged parts of their driveways at home.

4. Replacing appliance parts

Appliances are essential to any house. Replacing them can be costly, but men can save money by doing these projects themselves. For instance, replacing the gasket on a refrigerator door will help ensure that your icebox maintains its cold temperature for a longer period, saving you money in electricity bills. Replacing an oven is also easy enough if you have all the necessary materials for this DIY project at home. Appliance parts are relatively inexpensive, so having broken or malfunctioning ones replaced won’t break your budget either.

5. Repairing the fence

Making minor repairs on your fence yourself will save you not just money but also time. Hiring pros sometimes takes days before they’re available to set up appointments with their customers. If you have all the materials required for this project at home, repairing your fence will only take a few hours of spare time on your part.

Also, fence repair is easier than roof replacement because you don’t need to deal with roofing materials when replacing fence boards. With fence repair, all you need are nails, screws, rings, and even paint so that the finished product will match the color of your house perfectly.

6. Patching roof holes

If your roof has holes from roof leaks, you can patch them up with a combination of roof cement and gravel. Make sure that the hole is free from any sharp objects before applying the cement and covering it with gravel. The object here is to create a sturdy barrier between water and your roof so that the integrity of your roof won’t be compromised in any way should there be another rain shower after you’ve patched the hole on your roof. Tools needed for this DIY project include hand shovels or buckets that will serve as scaffolds plus roof cement, roofing nails, tarps, scrapers, and roof gravel.

DIY projects are often cheaper and time-saving. The man of the house can benefit from these projects. With home improvement projects, you can learn to work with different materials and even improve your skills for more difficult do-it-yourself projects. These DIY home improvement projects are good starting points for men who are just getting started on their own with home improvement assignments. Once you’ve gained enough confidence in handling tools, upgrading the roof may be the next thing you’ll work on.

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