Five Things That Can Help You Start a Career as an eSports Athlete

Back in the days, people would say that gaming is only for the kids at heart. If you take gaming seriously, then you won’t have enough time to learn the skills necessary to build a successful career and earn money. In short, many thought that gaming was just another way to spend lazy days and waste money and time.

But ever since eSports became a thing, many have learned how to respect gamers. Since it is now possible to earn money while you play all day, those who love competitive gaming are now thinking of turning this into a career. If you are also one of those gamers who think about becoming a professional player, then the following are the things you need to get started:

Choose a game you are good at

There are tons of games you can play out there. But to make sure you start off on the right foot, start with a single game to focus on. It would be best to pick the game you are good at and can enjoy playing for many hours at a time. Since you are already confident in your chosen game, you will find it easier to practice, study tactics while training, and get ahead of other gamers.

Invest in the right equipment

When it comes to your equipment, invest in one you feel most comfortable with. Of course, this will depend on the game you chose to focus on now. If you choose a gaming computer, then you will need to have your own gaming PC as well as the necessary accessories to practice each day. This only means that you will need to invest in a gaming PC that can cost a considerable amount of money.

Find yourself a team

If you are into multiplayer games, then you will need to find a team you can compete with. If you don’t know any teams accepting new players, then you can try your luck getting scouted by a coach. You can do this by live streaming while playing a game and posting your replays on social media. You can also let people know of your intention of joining a team on a chat service or forums for eSports athletes.

Practice, practice, practice

What better way to stay competitive than by perfecting your craft and spending many hours each day practicing your chosen game? On average, professional gamers spend 50 hours practicing each week. That is more hours than the amount of time regular office workers spend inside the office. But if you want to get better, then practicing many hours is a must. If you have a team, practicing with them is crucial so that you can stay in sync and win more games in tournaments.

Streaming needs to be part of your daily routine

Video game controller with keyboard and headphones

Streaming your game will not only help you land invites from tournaments and teams. This will help you gain more followers and boost your audience online. This can also help you show off your powers not online to your viewers but also to your future opponents. This can also pave the way to sponsorships and business partnerships in the future.

It is safe to say that being a professional eSports athlete is nowhere easy. You are not only expected to practice so many hours and be good at your chosen game. There is also a need to make sacrifices and investments, along with working hard to get noticed and find a team you can play with. You can consider this list if you plan on being a professional gamer. This way, you will know what to expect and what you need to start your career.

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