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Modern Buildings: Today’s Structures Built With Unconventional Materials and Greener Technology

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see new structures being built with unorthodox designs, and building materials. Today’s modern structures embody flexibility, sustainability, as well as mobility and a modern sense of utility, like these present-day builds below.

Structural Tents

Tents are the most popular semi-permanent structures. Today’s modern tent is a huge fabric structure whose form is supported by trusses and bars that provide the stability to keep it standing for long periods of time, counting from months and even up to years. These structures are used for various purposes, including events, seasonal market and bazaar pop-ups, as well as covered structures for festivals, and even as covered workspaces. These modern-day structures offer portability and flexibility, and the fabric material is extremely durable, hard-wearing, and long-lasting. It can withstand extreme weather conditions, making it a truly dependable semi-permanent structure that can be used for business and leisure.

Eco Brick Building

This isn’t your typical green building; we’re talking about the new building technology that helps solve the infinitely growing plastic problem in our world today. Architects and builders have found a way to create structures made with a new construction material called the Eco Brick – compounded plastic materials that are repurposed into building materials. While the conventional materials like cement, steel, and wood are still being used in these eco buildings, the addition of these plastic bricks fortify the strength of the structure, while at the same time serves as one of the solutions to reduce the excessive plastic waste that goes into our landfills and prevent as much plastic waste as possible to make its way into our oceans. These up-cycled bricks can be used for building low and multi-level structures, and are a cost-effective means of reducing building expenses without sacrificing structural integrity and building quality.

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Container Homes

Some people are already calling it the minimalist home as it embraces a no-frills design that almost rejects ornamentation in its original and basic form as a modern-day ready-built structure. These oldies but goodies are built to last a lifetime and can withstand extreme weather conditions year in and year out. Its rise in popularity can be attributed to how easy it is to make use of it, in terms of setting it up and designing it in a way that meets your personal taste and style. It’s more like a blank canvass, ready to be worked on; it comes in a predetermined rectangular shape but can be cut and modified depending on the space and the type of design you’re going for. You can go basic and utilitarian and get creative and go industrial and chic—the choice is yours.

All these modern day structures require less building time and have a low environmental impact, as it minimizes environmental disturbances, as well as the consumption of building materials that are usually derived from natural resources. Overall, these structures are eco-friendly, environment-friendly, and take a shorter amount of construction time to build them. These qualities are quickly becoming the new norm in today’s building technology, and are not only economically smart but also a practical and intelligent solution to repurpose existing materials that can be made into sturdy yet portable structures that can provide the same level of shielding and protection as traditional buildings do.

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