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What Makes A Good Office Desk?

What’s in a suitable office desk?

Desks fulfil one purpose: to be a workspace where we can manoeuvre and work with whatever we need to do. However, there are many ways that we can get this done, and some desks are better at accomplishing this task than other desks. A good office desk will often come with a few design considerations that differ from an ordinary desk, and the best ones will come with features that make navigating your workspace easier.

Why does this matter? A large part of our productivity is often locked behind our desks (sometimes literally,) making the design of your work desk an integral part of how you get your work done. Just as the office environment affects how well you work without distractions, having a good office desk changes the way you work, allowing you to get more done in less time and effort.

Cable management

If you happen to be working with a setup that uses a lot of tech like a computer or laptop (as most office workers usually do,), then cable management is one of the essential things that a desk should enable you to achieve. While a part of cable management does involve your placement around the office, an integral part of how your cables are managed relies on the desk itself.

Some desks will specifically have a space set aside to allow you to bunch up your cables in one place, or have a small recess in the back where you can bundle your different wiring. This allows your workplace to be tidier and prevents you from accidentally tugging or tripping on wires that can damage or power off your setup.

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Proper fixtures

One of the critical features that set a desk apart from a table is compartments — ideally, drawers, sliding trays, and shelving. While it’s a little unreasonable to assume that you’ll be getting a fully-supported desk with all the space and shelves you can acquire, it’s critical to keep in mind a few necessary fixtures, depending on what your desk is used for.

Compartmentalising a desk allows you to personalise a space to your needs, something important when you happen to be doing very specialised work. It also allows you to be more flexible regarding your workspace, giving you the freedom to customise and design it as you see fit — or at least up to the point where you can work more effectively.


Finally, the best computer desks allow for some room when it comes to their assembly and transport. Regardless of the material that you use (whether it’s wood, plastic, or metal) desks are meant to be flexible, fitting in exactly where they are needed, when they are needed. The best office desks often take consideration of the space around them when it comes to their design, and can be assembled and disassembled as seen fit.

Of course, these are all things that you don’t need to worry about if you’re partnered with a furnishing company that can reliably outfit your office with the furniture it requires. Melbourne’s office furniture companies are reliable partners when it comes to setting up your workspace, providing you with a quality of service and equipment that you won’t find anywhere else!

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