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Workplace Violence: Preventing It and Creating a Safe Environment

In recent years, many tragedies have occurred in the workplace. From shootings to violence against employees and visitors alike, these events are a significant concern for businesses worldwide. However, it is possible to take steps to prevent them from occurring in your own office space. This article will discuss six ways you can do this—including screening employees according to their risk level, providing security personnel, and supervising at all times—so that you may be able to reduce workplace violence before it even starts.

Screen employees according to their risk level

It is crucial to evaluate employees based on their risk level regarding workplace violence. Employees with higher risks of becoming violent should be monitored more closely by supervisors and staff, whereas employees with lower risks can be monitored with less frequency. This evaluation can be done with the help of a psychologist or other expert in the field.

Additionally, it is important to remember that not all employees who may seem risky are violent. Some may have aggressive tendencies or be disgruntled with their work situation. To avoid singling out employees who may not be a threat, you must use a risk assessment tool that takes all relevant factors into account.

Utilize technology

While screening your employees according to their risk level is essential, it can also be challenging to get an accurate reading on them. The best way to prevent workplace violence is by utilizing technology that makes it easier for you to monitor your employees’ whereabouts and activities. This means installing cameras in areas where there may be a higher risk of violence, using the technology to track the location of your employees so you know when they are in danger, and more. Using technology in conjunction with other safety measures can create a strong defense against workplace violence.

Even schools and daycare centers can benefit from using technology to prevent violent crime. For example, there is an active shooter app for schools that allows administrators or teachers to report suspicious activity and communicate with the authorities in case of an active shooter situation. Additionally, they can be used as a chance for students and faculty to access safety instructions that will help them during such situations.

Provide security personnel

Security personnel can play a significant role in preventing workplace violence. By having guards or police officers present at all times, businesses can reduce the chances of an attack. In some cases, it may be necessary to have security personnel stationed at all entrances and exits of the building.

It is important to have security personnel trained in dealing with violence. The security staff should be adequately trained to respond appropriately in the case of an emergency. This training includes teaching how to use firearms, but it also covers less-lethal approaches, including using batons or pepper spray.

Establish emergency response plans

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If workplace violence does occur, it is vital to have a plan in place for how to respond. This may include evacuating the building, locking down specific areas, and more. Employees should be familiar with these plans and know what to do in an emergency.

Train employees to respond

Along with having emergency response plans in place, training employees to respond to an attack is essential. This training should include what to do if they are caught in the middle of an attack, how to hide or escape, and what to do if a violent individual confronts them. Employees should also be familiar with the signs of someone about to commit an act of violence. This includes displaying a weapon or talking about their target. By teaching employees how to recognize these signs and how they can respond, you can create a safer environment for all that work there.

Establish rules and policies regarding behavior

Creating rules and policies regarding acceptable behavior for employees can help reduce problems. Ensure that all staff members are aware of what will and will not be tolerated in the workplace. This includes things such as verbal abuse, threatening behavior, and more.

A positive work environment can also help reduce the likelihood of violence. When employees feel valued and appreciated, they are less likely to become disgruntled or angry. This can lead to a safer workplace for everyone.

By following these tips, you can help to reduce the risk of workplace violence in your office space. Keep in mind that it is important to always be vigilant and stay on top of any changes or new threats. We can create a safe and secure workplace for everyone by working together.

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